Explosions, Icebergs, and Submarines

These three things will grab the attention of even the most bored kids. We, at Create & Learn want to inspire your kids to learn about the science that is so cutting edge that many of their teachers haven’t even heard about these topics. We encourage you to read these articles together with your kids! This week on our website @ TechNews4Kids, we highlight these exciting articles and more. Exposing our kids to such current science news will help give them a peek into some incredible potential career paths. You won’t find this information in any K-12 textbooks.

Tesla isn’t just a car


Is your child fascinated by things that explode? Maybe you have a future nuclear physicist in your home! Read this article with your kids about an explosion that was intentionally created that was much bigger than expected! Researchers produced the strongest controlled magnetic field ever, and it caused some serious damage! It was measured in teslas. A tesla is a unit of magnetic field strength named after the inventor Nikola Tesla. One of the hopeful outcomes for this research is to find a resource for clean energy. Read more about it here.

Climate Change and Icebergs



OMG — is the name for NASA’s Arctic mission “Oceans Melting Greenland.” Icebergs and their massive size are impressive! The images and video in this article are breathtaking. Read this article together with your kids and talk to them about how these frozen giants affect our world. They may want to grow up to become a scientist studying the Arctic, or at the very least, a photographer who takes amazing images like the ones in this article. Check them out here.

Submarines can finally talk to airplanes


Do your kids like to play in the water? Do they wonder why they can’t hear you calling for them when they are swimming underwater? Water and air are so completely different when it comes to communication signals. Researchers at MIT have finally designed a system that will allow messages to be transmitted through the water from a submarine and then through the air to an airplane. It’s not an easy feat! Share this article with your kids and don’t miss the video which helps explain this amazing invention.

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