How to Spark Your Kid’s Creativity

Set a course for their passions and careers — Photography, architecture, or graphic design, are all outlets for your child’s artistic creativity. Intertwine them with technology and you have projects that can change the world! The following articles are about these artistic topics and how they are making innovative impacts on the world. Read about them with your kids to spark their interest in these fields. Check out these articles and more on our TechNews4Kids resources website.

Magical Wildlife Photos

(National Geographic)

National Geographic National Geographic

Kids love cameras and taking pictures, especially of cute animals! Experience the magic with your kids and scroll through the photos from the winners of the National Geographic Wildlife Photographers of the Year. The grand winner is of the endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys by Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten. But, make sure to check out photo #2 by sixteen-year-old Skye Meaker — Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year! Check out the photos here.

Making Cities of Wood — a Wise Future Choice

(Nautilus: Science Connected)

Nautilus: Science Connected Nautilus: Science Connected

Do your kids love to build with wooden blocks? Researchers are now promoting the idea of building future cities out of wood instead of concrete and steel. Given that trees are a resource that can be replenished, it may be a better choice than the limited raw materials used to build concrete and steel buildings. The main concern, however, is the fear of fire. Discuss the pros and cons with your kids by reading more about it here.

Art by Man or Machine — Can You Tell the Difference?

(The Conversation)

The Conversation The Conversation

The Rutgers Art & AI Lab developed a program called AICAN that uses artificial intelligence to create works of art. It fools people 75% of the time into thinking that the artwork is made by a human artist! While the art it produces is unique and amazing…it lacks social context. So, tell your kids not to worry, it won’t replace artists, but rather AICAN will give them a collaborative tool to work with. Read more about it here.

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