Feed Your Kid’s Curiosity… with Science about Food!

Grab some snacks, sit back, and share these articles with your kids. This week, we highlight several articles surrounding various aspects of food. Giant mushrooms that live mostly underground, potato chip bags that reveal audio through vibration, and the need for changes in farming food production. Researchers and scientists will take you and your kids on an interesting science adventure! Check out these articles and more on our TechNews4Kids resources website.

Vibrations on a Potato chip bag reveals secrets

(MIT News)

MIT News MIT News

There’s an old joke that kids love: Why shouldn’t you tell secrets in the cornfield? …Because the corn has ears! Well, guess what? Now you can’t tell secrets around a potato chip bag either! Researchers at MIT, Microsoft and Adobe have developed a way to reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing video of the vibrations on objects like a potato chip bag! It sounds like something from a spy movie. They also studied the effects on aluminum foil, a glass of water, and the leaves of a potted plant. Read more about this innovative research here and be sure to watch the video too.

A Mushroom the Size of 3 Blue Whales!

(Smithsonian Magazine)

Smithsonian Magazine Smithsonian Magazine

Teaching kids about mushrooms is important, especially since some are poisonous if eaten. Researchers are calling this, “the humongous fungus!” Near Crystal Falls, Michigan, scientists discovered a mushroom that is so big, 440 tons, they compare it to the mass of 3 Blue Whales! Using many scientific methods, they were able to determine that the mushroom is about 2500 years old and most of it lives underground living off of decaying trees. Read more about it here.

Eat your veggies — help save the world!

(The Guardian)

The Guardian The Guardian

You’ve been telling your kids to eat their vegetables because they are good for them. But, did you know that it’s also good for the whole world? Researchers are concerned that if we don’t lower the amount of meat in our diets, our world will not be able to continue feeding our ever-increasing populations. Read this interesting article with your kids and talk about changes that you can make in your family meals. Read more here.

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