Life saving drones, virtual reality art, and men can walk again!

No one can deny that we live in an incredible era of innovation and technological breakthroughs! The world our kids are growing up in is changing as we speak! The stories highlighted this week show us the power of the human body, walking again with electrical stimulation; the creativity of the human mind, creating art using VR; and the ability of technology to save a human life, with drones that can help in search and rescue. Check out these articles and more on our TechNews4Kids website.

Virtual Reality Painting

(Anna Dream Brush — YouTube)

Anna Dream Brush — YouTube Anna Dream Brush — YouTube

Using technology to produce art has come a very long way! You and your kids will be amazed and inspired as you watch this video and see how this artist creates sculpture-like paintings using VR (virtual reality). It seems as though she is inside a video game since the paintings are 3-D and can surround her. This is NOT your kid’s Kidpix computer art! Wow! Check out the video here.

Drones to the rescue!


Wired Wired

Stanford researchers have developed a tiny drone, called a Micro-Air-Vehicle, that can potentially search through a broken-down building and also move debris. Watch the video of this robot opening doors and using friction to pull or lift items heavier than it’s own weight! It holds on using a method like a gecko or an insect (think Spiderman climbing walls!) This is a great lesson in physics — you can do your own “Van der Waals” demo at home! Read more about it here and be sure to watch the video too.

Miraculous healing — men can walk again!

(MIT Technology Review)

MIT Technology Review MIT Technology Review

It’s an awesome and inspiring article about how researchers have helped some paralyzed men to walk again. They used targeted electrical jolts to the damaged spines, and, over time, their bodies re-trained themselves to send the signals. After a few months they were able to walk again on their own without any electrical stimulation. Read more here about the power of science and the power of the human body together in this amazing story.

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