Are we contaminating Mars?

Fascinated about going to Mars? Now it is almost here! Nasa just landed InSight on Mars, US is planning a trip back to the moon, and a Tesla car is “racking up billions of miles in space”. It is an exciting time for space exploration. But do we really have the right to go to these places? Does Mars have its own native life? What if our germs kill all native lives on Mars?! On the other hand, could Mars contaminate Earth? These are just some of the important questions to ask as we go further in space. And never forget to appreciate the beauties on our own earth. Check out articles in this newsletter and more on our TechNews4Kids website for tech news that will fascinate big and small kids alike.

Colonizing Mars…could cause contamination

(The Conversation)

The Conversation The Conversation

The threat of biological contamination in outer space is real! Thankfully, since the beginning of the Space Age, scientists have taken it seriously and followed strict protocols when it comes to the sterilization of spacecraft and exploration tools. We don’t want to contaminate the planets we explore — and we certainly don’t want to bring contaminants back to our own planet Earth! Read more about colonizing or contaminating Mars here.

Rare Octopus brooding colony


Off the coast of Monterey California, researchers have discovered a massive nursery habitat for rare deep-sea octopuses. It’s a location where warmer water is seeping from the seamount. While the warm water makes for a great place to lay their eggs, it could also be causing problems for these creatures. Read more about it here and be sure to watch the rare video too.

Big Tech helping Africa

(BBC News)

BBC News BBC News

Artificial Intelligence is not magic. In fact, it’s made up of many repetitive training scenarios created by people. We know AI will change the world, but here is one way that you would not have imagined — creating data for training AI has helped many Kenyans to rise above their poverty-stricken area even though the pay is very low. While it can be controversial to send tech jobs overseas, read why they do it… here.

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