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As parents, we can’t stop thinking about what’s best for our children, what they should learn, and how to help them to achieve long-term success. However, society has generally played too much emphasis on test scores, learning sooner, and learning faster. Short term achievements do not equate future successes. It is much more important to develop broad interests, gain real-world knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity at a young age. This month we share with you a selection of articles from da Vinci to what’s happening in schools that address this question.

What Leonardo da Vinci can teach us about kids educationIn this fascinating podcast, Walter Isaacson, the author of “Einstein,” “Steve Jobs,” and, most recently, “Leonardo da Vinci,” explains how da Vinci’s pursuit of the intersection of art, math, and engineering made him who he was, and how his life’s story can inform our thinking today about education, innovation, and technology.

Developing Child CreativityOur children may or may not be born with creativities. But with parent’s help, a child can certainly develop creativity at an early age and reach their giftedness potential. This article tells us some simple ways to do it.

Tying real-world learning to lessons helps students envision their futureMy daughter always expresses great interests when I talk with my husband about latest technologies and products. She is amazed at how technology changes people’s lives in the real world. Should we teach them in the classroom? The answer is yes, which will definitely help them see the relevance of what they learn in school. And this is happening, check out this article.


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