Free Open Classes This Week with Stanford and Apple Experts

Join hundreds of students all around the world for two fascinating Open Classes this week with speakers from Stanford and Apple! We kicked off the series of Open Classes with our first speaker Winnie Lam from Google last week. Missed the talk? Don’t worry. Check out the video of the talk to learn m

Announcing Free Open Classes with Tech Experts from Google, Apple, and More

Are you looking for exciting activities for your children that stuck at home? Join our Open Classes to learn about fascinating technologies with experts from Google, Apple, Stanford, and more. The open classes will give your child a glimpse of many different exciting aspects of the technology indus

Join the action -Teach free live computer science classes online!

Hello Education Experts, At Create & Learn, we have offered free introductory computer classes almost everyday since we founded 2+ years ago. In the last week or so, there has been a big surge in the demand. Rather than turning students away, we are reaching out to the Computer Science teachers co

Announcing Online Camps - 50% off to support children's learning during school closure

With the fast spread of COVID-19, as a parent myself, I am acutely aware that nothing is more important than the health of our children. And it is not just the physical health, which may be well protected by staying home. When schools have to be closed, the negative consequences from missing learnin

5 Tips on Remote Learning to Prepare Your School for Potential Closure

With the fast spreading of COVID-19 coronavirus, many schools have started planning for possible closure. Depending on how the situation develops, the closure could last weeks. Is your school ready to keep the learning going during closure? At Create & Learn, we have been teaching live, online clas

Create & Learn to be Part of the Startup Village at the Upcoming SXSW EDU Expo

3/6/2020 UPDATE: The City of Austin has cancelled the March dates for SXSW and SXSW EDU. South By Southwest EDU (SXSW EDU) provides a destination for personal and professional growth with an unparalleled program of education thought leaders, compelling sessions, films, and more. Create & Learn

TechNews4Kids - Disinfecting Your Hands with ‘Magic’?!

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge is bringing in the best and brightest to create robots built specifically for search-and-rescue missions. What kind of cool robots have been created so far? In Australia, there was a 5-day car race, but all of the race cars were fueled by the sun! And scientists at H

Create & Learn's CEO Will Be Speaking at the Silicon Valley CUE Event!

On March 7th, Silicon Valley CUE (SVCUE) is hosting their annual event in San Jose, where Create & Learn's CEO Jessie Jiang is one of their speakers. SVCUE is an event for educators, and hosts a wide variety of speakers each year. These speakers cover topics that range from from how to grade proper

TechNews4Kids - 2019 Computer AP Exam Data is Out, Check out Where the Biggest Changes Are

The 2019 AP Exam results are in! What did it look like for our computer science tests? Check out our blog below for more insights. In the science world, Wi-Fi (wireless internet) has changed how we do just about everything -- listening to Podcasts, watching Netflix, and even working from home. But 5

There's a Big Increase in 2019 Computer AP Exam Takers, But Many Gaps Still Remain

We looked at the 2019 AP Exam results and saw an increase in CSP test takers, but significant gaps in female vs. male test takers remain. The results are in for 2019! We found some interesting statistics and compiled them here. Last year, we explored the 2018 AP Exams and how we did in the US o
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