Hunting for Signs of Aliens, Flying Robots and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

From outer space radio bursts discovered by trained AI programs to an incredible flying robot that can be adjusted to mimic insects and hummingbirds, then capping it off with an inspiring new invention to clean up and rid the ocean of plastics at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This week on our web

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It’s a question we ask kids all the time. Yet, more often than not, the answer of what they want to do is the very thing that they have just been exposed to. If they just talked about the recent forest fires, they want to be a firefighter. If they helped to plant a garden, they want to be a farmer.

When computers taking away jobs is a good thing!

It’s always been controversial to have computers take over the jobs of people and put them out of work. However, if those computers can free up the time that volunteers would normally spend on labeling animal pictures, then those volunteers will have more time to spend on more valuable research. To

Life-size Lego Bugatti Chiron that Drives, and what a Havard Professor has to say about Data…

But first, the power of water is incredible! So much devastation all at once! Can it be avoided? Can it be predicted? Researchers are still trying to determine the best method of forecasting the impacts of these storms. Check out this story, “How meteorologists predict the next big hurricane,” what

Hey AI, What’s Shakin’? And The Spaghetti Challenge

With so many people wondering when the next earthquake, the “Big One” is going to occur, it’s awesome to know that scientists are making progress using Artificial Intelligence to predict aftershocks. Who knows? Maybe one day they will be able to predict all types of earthquakes! Check out this story

What, that Porsche is not real?

What a beautiful car! Can you believe it is computer rendered? It is the latest of what Nvidia, the company that powers many of the powerful AI systems, just revealed. Check out this, soft robots from Harvard, and other cool tech news here and more on our website @ TechNews4Kids. Robots and Racecar

Now You See It… Now You Don’t!

This would apply to many things in our amazing world, but this week, we are referring to a few interesting happenings: one is man-made, one is a natural occurrence, and one is computer generated. Temporary Art?! If you are really into art, then you may have heard about the unusual and temporary art

The coolest things to get your kids excited about STEM

3, 2, 1… blastoff! We are excited to announce a new program —TechNews4Kids— a curated set of the kid-friendly STEM news articles. Here you will find the coolest things to get your kids excited about STEM At Create & Learn, we teach kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) espec

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The Minecraft Generation & The Secret of Resilience Do your children play computer games? How about let them learn STEM through games? This month we introduced the latest addition to our curriculum —Minecraft Code to Mod, where your children can learn coding using the game they love. The Minecraft

The Critical Piece Missing from Most Kids Coding Classes

We are living in a fast changing world with radical transformations everywhere. For people to succeed in such an environment, the ability to think creatively is more important than ever. So how do we help our children develop creativity? It turns out coding is a one of the best approaches. Coding re
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