Create & Learn Monthly - Screen Time for Our Children Isn't Always Bad. Neither are the games!

Screen time tends to get a bad rep, especially when it comes to our kids. However, it isn't ALL bad! Games seem to have a similar reputation, but can they provide a better way to learn certain things? And we all love Shark Week over the summer, what are female scientists doing to encourage more girl

Vote Here to Help More Students Learn AI & Data Science!

There are few things that are more important than AI & Data Science for kids to learn today. Yet, most students don’t have a remote opportunity to teach them. Luckily, now you can help us change that by voting for our SXSW EDU 2020 session proposal. Just click on the link and vote! Hopefully you al

Helping Blind Students Read, Write & Do Math, With Lego!

Legos have been a staple in every child’s toy collection, and now they are adding a set with Braille! How is it helping kids learn to read? When it comes to glasses, what does the future look like when they can focus according to where your eyes look? And space travel has taught us a lot about what’

Are there Aliens? This New Technology Might Help Us Find It

Growing up, who hasn’t been fascinated by the possibility of the existence of aliens. A new bendable telescope mirror might take us one step closer to finding the answer. When it comes to astronauts traveling through space, sleep is as important as their daily activities. How does not having a pillo

More Reasons Why Your Mom Was Right About Broccoli

You’ve been feeding your kids the broccoli that your mom asked you to eat. Here is one more reason why the fight is worth it: in a recent find, cruciferous veggies have been found to hold qualities that just might fight off tumors, but how? Jeff Bezos has been on the forefront of technology for a lo

Hard to Believe? Use Transparent Wood Instead of Glass for Buildings

With climate change seemingly at the center of the conversation these days, more sustainable ways of doing things are increasingly appealing. The creation of transparent wood just might be what our buildings need to be more energy-efficient. Scientists are also researching flatworms and their amazin

See How Drones Are Helping People Needing Critical Supplies

See How Drones Are Helping People in Need of Critical Medical Supplies Just past Neptune is a minor planet that’s been known by humans for over a decade, and scientists have finally decided to name it — but they asked the public for some help to do so. In another part of space, Saturn’s moon, Titan,
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