Your Favorite Toy, Hot Wheels, Is Driving into the Virtual World

Remember playing with Hot Wheels growing up, building elaborate tracks to see which cars could handle each turn? Kids today are still enjoying them, but the age at which they’re switching from physical toys to tablets is dropping, and Hot Wheels is looking to get virtual to keep up. Also new to tech

Are there Aliens? This New Technology Might Help Us Find It

Growing up, who hasn’t been fascinated by the possibility of the existence of aliens. A new bendable telescope mirror might take us one step closer to finding the answer. When it comes to astronauts traveling through space, sleep is as important as their daily activities. How does not having a pillo

See How Drones Are Helping People Needing Critical Supplies

See How Drones Are Helping People in Need of Critical Medical Supplies Just past Neptune is a minor planet that’s been known by humans for over a decade, and scientists have finally decided to name it — but they asked the public for some help to do so. In another part of space, Saturn’s moon, Titan,
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